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Escape Room Indy

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This time we traveled to The Escape Room Indianapolis.  They currently have 5 rooms ranging from 5% to 50% escape rates.  We chose the Bank Heist with a 20% success rate.
It’s located in downtown Indianapolis, IN on the second floor of the old spaghetti factory.  Very nice installations.  We were greeted by a hostess, signed a waiver and were showed to the lounge where we could get a beer.  A nice atmosphere with TVs, high-top tables, sofas, goodies for sale and a nice decor. 
Our group of 10 was taken into the room and given the rules before starting.  There wasn’t much mystery to it besides our excitement to start and anticipation to escape.  The door was locked and our time started.  Right away we all started looking everywhere without much luck, we finally found a key that led to the next stage where we found many clues and a couple of pretty cleaver things to solve.  Here we were given a clue that would be used at the end.  I don’t want to give anything away, but I really liked this clue.  We were now at the Bank manager’s office trying to find secret hiding spots or even secret doors. After 30 minutes we had found and solved most of the stuff we could find, but we knew there was more.  We regrouped and reorganized.  This time we found a way to keep moving.  Pressure was on and time was running out.  This room is designed with a lot of keys and trying to find their home was time consuming. 
At the end we found where the gold was and had only 5 minutes to break into the vault and steal it.  It had very interesting props and most of them stuck to the theme.  With 1.5 minutes left we were able to find the last key and escape with the Gold!! YAY! We made it! We walked out and our picture was taken.
Escape Room Indy has a great location with lots to offer.  They will be opening a second location south of the city with two competing rooms with a little twist.  I thought, I like this twist and made a mental note for our future Rooms. 
I liked the lounge, big and spacious (And you can get beer!). The room was very nice and some of the props were very authentic. The difficulty in this room relies mostly on a search and find activity.  There are a few of puzzles that add excitement and are pretty clever.    We got a couple of WOW moments and even screams (not from me of course…hehe!)
Some of the things I wasn’t crazy about were the use of walkies talkies and the fact that the experience started inside the room and it ended there.  Some rooms have the experience start before you enter and that extends the experience before and after the room.  The use of keys was too much, but I guess it goes with the theme. After we finished the room we got a quick picture and then walked out.  There was no after room talk led by the room master.
I would go back to their KGB room with a 5% success rate and see how we do.  I would totally recommend this Escape Room.  It shows the owners put a lot of thought into it.
We got lots of ideas and it also showed us that we at CapturedLV are on the right track.
We will keep going to other experiences to ensure our escape rooms meet and exceed World Wide Escape Room standards.
Keep an eye for our next Mexico and Istanbul trips!!!  meanwhile come and experience the latest Escape Room trends at CAPTUREDLV.
Game Design     7/10
Puzzles               8/10
Service                7/10
Room/Theme     8/10
WOW factor       8/10

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