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Escape Rooms Mexico

I recently had a chance to go back to Mexico City and check another Escape Room.  This time I chose Escape Rooms Mexico.  I chose the “El Tesoro de Moctezuma”.  This was a Mayan themed room. The scenery was amazing, the props looked extremely authentic.  They really went all out to create an immerse experience.  You can literally find the same looking images in local museums.
I was in a group of 2 and amazed of the detail of this Generation I room.  It was intense, accelerating and dynamic.  Even down to the smells, this room took you back in time and made you feel like Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom.  The music, the sounds and props were perfect to achieve what a great room should be.  The complexity of the room was perfect as well as the hints for a linear room.  This time I did it with a first timer and he found himself immersed (and literally chained to the wall) in the theme as well.  We made it to the board hitting the 44 minute mark.
men designing escape room
I highly recommend this room to anyone in the Mexico City area.  After my experience I had the opportunity to meet with one of the owners and he showed me their next project.  A 3,000 sqf facility where 4 new rooms are being built.  I must say the ideas and props are great.  I can’t wait to do those rooms.
We shared some experiences and ideas.  This room goes to show a Generation I could be better than a generation III or even IV.  Thumbs up for this successful company.
Game Design     8/10
Puzzles               7/10
Service                10/10
Room/Theme     10/10
WOW factor       9/10

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