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Escape The Mold: Team Building Tips To Help You Get-Out!

Escape rooms can be tricky. There are so many components that go into solving each riddle and puzzle that unlocks the next clue to finally escaping. With the right attitude, people, and plan, you’ll find that solving these activities will be easier. This doesn’t mean just picking the right people, but also involves looking into everyone’s strengths in how they can work with each other to win the room in the allotted amount of time. Here are a few tips that we suggest for team building to solve one of our escape rooms at Captured LV:

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1. Pair-Up The Right Teams

Choosing the right people is everything. Specifically for corporate team building activities, escape rooms can encourage how departments work together inside and outside of the office. Putting the marketing team together in one room, and your sales team in another is a great option to help them to learn to work together in a different way. Likewise, you can mix and match teams so that people can get to know each other better.

2. Communication Is Key

Thinking alone when coming across a clue is fine, but escape rooms truly encourage the quiet analyzer to speak-up! Expressing the ideas that you have, or stating your opinion about what to solve next, helps everyone on the team get their creative juices flowing. Also, it’s okay to disagree with someone if you think there’s a different way to solve a puzzle. Remember – this is a team effort!

3. Stay Positive

Negativity can be the biggest downfall to a team’s performance. It’s important to remain each other’s support system when it comes to finding clues and beating the clock. For players who have a more self-deprecating outlook, encourage them to keep trying, or give them an easier role like searching for objects that look out of place, or something that may hide a message.

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4. Divvy-Up Responsibility & Delegate Tasks

This may be the MOST IMPORTANT part of an escape room: adapting roles. Before you even begin your escape room, give roles to the players on your team. One person should always be the leader and/or communicator that helps keep everyone on the same page. After that, you can provide the roles of the analyzer, clue seeker, puzzle do-er, clue holder, etc. This is the time to really capitalize on everyone’s strengths, allowing everyone to work together.

Group of people celebrating a successful run at our Escape Rooms

5. Stay Calm & Remember the Ultimate Goal

As the clock ticks down, this is the perfect time to see how your team handles the pressure of the timer running out. Do you have players that crack under pressure and give up? Do you have others that can focus and complete the final puzzles and lead the team to victory? Afterwards, be sure to take some time to discuss your team’s strengths and weaknesses.

Bonus Tip: Win or lose the ultimate goal is to bring the team together and have fun. Be sure to celebrate afterward! We are located near many wonderful restaurants and bars, plus, an ice cream and popcorn shop, all within walking distance.

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