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Four Escape Room Misconceptions Debunked!

With the holidays just around the corner, Captured LV bookings are filling up fast with families eager to experience the fun and excitement of our immersive challenges. Escape rooms have been around for almost a decade and have become a staple in the modern family’s holiday celebration. Despite the growing demand for escape rooms, some people are still unsure about what exactly escape rooms are. What’s worse is that they miss out on all the glorious, blood-rushing thrill as a result of misinformation. Well, that heinous crime against fun will continue no longer, because today we’re here to set the record straight on the most common escape room misconceptions.

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1. Escape Rooms Are Meant to Scare Me: While it is true that most escape room companies carry rooms that sound horrifying, most don’t commit to the spirit of terror the room titles suggest. For example, our Alchemy Lab is serial killer-themed, but there are no live actors to drag you screaming into the lair. We want to test your wits and teamwork, and scaring you witless is counterproductive to that goal. A good escape room finds the balance between the realism of its room scenery and the puzzle-driven activity.

2. I’ll Be Trapped If I Can’t Solve the Puzzles: This may come as a surprise, but it’s illegal to trap someone in a room against their will and we at Captured LV love the law! The door to the rooms are closed during the session, but for your safety, you are never actually locked in the escape room. If you don’t solve the puzzles within the one hour you are alloted, one of our jovial, law-abiding staff members retrieves your group from the room.

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3. Escape Rooms Are Designed for Me to Fail: Escape rooms are designed to be fun that challenges you. Not every group is going to win, but that is part of the excitement. If everyone was meant to win, they would be called “Exit Rooms.” Escape room designers put a lot of thought into balancing the game to ensure it is winnable.

4. I’m Not Smart Enough: Escape rooms aren’t IQ tests and no prior knowledge is needed in order to solve the puzzles. They are fun, low-risk adventures you get to have with your family and friends.  If anything, escape rooms can build you up as a person by helping you step outside of your typical day to solve problems in a synthetically “dire” situation.

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