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So, do teams that practice together every day still need team building events? Of course, they do! In fact, the hallmark of resiliency in sports is the ability to think positively while under stress. But, how can teams foster this good communication and optimism with the right stress?

    Escape Rooms provide an environment where working together is crucial. The clock ticking down creates a sense of urgency. Consequently, this provides an opportunity to see how individual players cope with the stress. Above all, winning teams do not allow themselves to consider losing an option. As a result, they can stay calm when only seconds are left on the clock. In short, coaches/captains can identify attitudes that are leading to defeat and those that are leading to victory.
    Escape Rooms provide a competitive alternate environment for teamwork. Furthermore, coaches and captains can observe attitude trends and identify winning and losing combinations. And, of course, teams can have FUN. The beauty of team building Escape Rooms is that they are free from the stress and anxiety of performing individually. No calling out in the middle of an experience. Likewise, no worry about benching anyone. In short, it is a real WIN-WIN for everyone! When you book a room at Captured LV Escape Room for your sports team, you unlock astounding results.

Athletes Skills

  • Ability to mentally recall
  • Acknowledge strengths and weaknesses
  • Communicate through thoughts and feelings
  • Reflect on aspects of performance
  • Be mentally self-aware

Coaching Skills

  • Ability to analyze performance
  • Willingness to let athletes reflect and recover from performance
  • Ask the right questions
  • Encourage leadership and offer direction
  • Communicate in a non-judgmental way

"Super FUN! Great team bonding for my volleyball team."

– Shelley Bauder, Moravian College
In order to succeed in this activity, students must utilize individual player strengths to the team’s advantage. This is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership qualities, cooperation, lateral thinking, and many more skills outside of the pressures of the classroom and competitions.


Are you a teacher or instructor looking for out-of-classroom learning activities for kids / students? Are you a scoutmaster or group leader in need of a team-building exercise for your troop? Look no further than Captured LV Escape Room!

At Captured LV, your kids will experience exhilarating fun in one of our four unique adventures as they learn how to engage and interpret their environment. In addition to these skills, young participants will also learn:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • The importance of appreciating different talents
  • How to set a mutual goal and collectively work towards it
  • The importance of everyone doing their part
  • How to remain calm and work thoroughly in stressful times

"We learned a lot about each other and the role we play on the team. Thanks for a fun and engaging way to learn."

– I. Metz

Bachelor/ette Parties

Calling all Best Men and Maids of Honor! Are you looking for a wild, exciting, and affordable party for your hen or stag party? Captured LV Escape Room has you covered! Whether your wedding party is a tight-knit group of long-time comrades or a modge podge of misfits from the bride’s/groom’s different paths in life, an escape room inspires teamwork in an engaging and interactive setting. Any differences you walk into the room with are put aside as you fight for survival!

  • Trial and error for puzzles can lead to a lot of laugh
  • Pre-wedding bonding strengthens friendships
  • Allows for participants across various age groups to partake in a single pre-wedding activity.

    Problem solving adventures, direct communication, and team cooperation are the secrets to both a happy marriage and a happy bachelor/ette party!

Captured LV Escape Room is conveniently located in the center of Downtown Bethlehem’s Nightlife. Many bars and restaurants all within walking distance.

"I took my brother and his friends there for his bachelor party, and it was easily the highlight of the day."

– John Catalano

"Creative, clever, fun! Top-notch escape room!"

– Christine Evans

"Had much fun and laughed so hard."

– Joselyn Rivera
Captured LV Escape Room is conveniently located in the center of Downtown Bethlehem’s Nightlife. Many bars and restaurants all within walking distance.


Are you looking for a captivating experience for a birthday party or other celebration? Take a breath, because your search is over!

At Captured LV Escape Room, we have four unique rooms and objectives that will have your group talking about that time you were totally awesome forever!

  • You deserve the best, and we’re the best!
  • You will have kissed boring parties good-bye!
  • Escape rooms are budget-friendly alternatives to expensive outings! The only cost you have to worry about is the price of admission!
  • Rated E for EVERYONE** No one is left out (disclaimer: children under eight will be left out )
  • You’ll have the chance to observe the communication styles of your friends (and become better friends! Who doesn’t want better friends?!)

"Great experience for our daughter and her friends at her 12th birthday!"

– Sam Jarvis

"We loved every aspect of our party at Captured! Great for young and old!"

– Dalcenori

"Lots of laughs!"

– S.M. Hoagland

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