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Transworld Room Escape Convention

As Captured LV Escape Room owners, we are committed to providing our guests with the BEST escape room experience possible.  In our efforts to achieve this goal, the four of us traveled to Nashville, Tennessee last week to participate in the annual Transworld Escape Room Convention.

The event was a real chest of wonders, with over 50 participating  companies transforming the conference floor into a gateway to the mysterious and astounding.  There were incredible displays of the latest tech, puzzle ideas, game plans, and designs. We checked out the terrifically horrifying Morbid Entertainment  (warning: they are pretty hardcore),  the hi-tech ECOdecor, and the bubbly  Froggy’s Fog, among many other vendors.

As we navigated the convention, we were able to hash out ideas and techniques with the best in the business.  Additionally, we registered for specific seminars.  Among the seminars we attended were:  Fear Based Escape Rooms, Moving from Basic Design to Incredible Design, How to Create “Water Cooler Moments”, Using Story to Enhance Immersion, Innovations in the Industry, Business Boot Camp, Unlocking the Potential of the Game Room Masters, Future of the Industry, The Art of Game Design and Flow, and Using Props to Enhance Immersion.  These seminars provided us with valuable insight to all the things we were doing “right” here at Captured LV and guidance as to how we can improve the experience for all of our players!

While we were in Nashville, of course we checked out some of the local escape rooms. We played the Nashville room at The Escape Game and Vaccine at Escape Experience. We highly recommend both of these rooms if you are ever in the Nashville area!

 In the short run, we will implement our learning to tweak our current rooms to maximize their quality and, in the long run, we will apply this knowledge as we set forth to create new rooms.

If you haven’t come out to play Captured LV Escape Rooms, we invite you to join us.  For sixty minutes, we will help you to “escape reality” and become immersed in a story experience rich with puzzles, riddles, games and surprises!

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