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Mexico Enigma Rooms

Yes!, Mexico City also has Escape Rooms.
When we arrived to Mexico City, an area with approximately 28 million people, we were able to find six escape rooms.
We chose an “enigma room” located in a newly renovated European style neighborhood.  Figuring there would be plenty of room on a Tuesday night, we neglected calling to make a reservation.  Upon arrival, we were told that there was only ONE available time slot left for the night.  Fortunately for us, it meant that we would have time to enjoy some authentic Mexican cuisine before our escape.  We loved our food and drinks so much that we arrived late for our scheduled time and were deducted time right from the start!
enigma rooms
An “Enigma” room is a crafty place based on ideas from Bucharest.   We chose “Agente Secreto” (Secret Agent). We were led into the room and our time started.  I was surprised by the detail and authenticity of the objects.  From an original typewriter to blue prints in Russian, we were American spies in Russia.  Everything was authentic, a lot of props that had been gathered over the years.  I loved the props.  We had to prevent a nuclear rocket from hitting New York City.  Considering the proximity of New York City to the Lehigh Valley, I knew I HAD to stop that rocket!!!
So we looked up and down, finding different clues, then we got our mission.  Stop the rocket and get out, very simple, right?  We went through a series of extremely well done puzzles; I was surprised how clever they were.  The logic was unidirectional except for two puzzles that had nothing to do with the theme and threw us off completely.  We went through small tunnels, deciphering Russian codes, finding rocket codes, symbols and hidden messages.  After a series of puzzles and a couple of hints we were able to disable the rocket.  YES! We stopped New York’s destruction! We continued trying to get out and here we found one clue that we just couldn’t solve. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it out.  Our room master told us that we could’ve asked for a clue, but we decided that two clues were enough.
Obviously we were disappointed we didn’t make it out after arriving late, but we were glad we saved NYC.  Positive notes about enigma rooms are how clever their puzzles were and how authentic their props are.  Loved the themes and employees were very accommodating and friendly. 
It could be in a better installation within the same neighborhood.  We walked into the control room before going into the room.  The clues were answers instead of hints and there was no music to add to the experience.  It’s amazing that for a 1,000 square foot installation they host about 600 people a week. Amazing!!  Escape rooms in Mexico are just starting;  I suspect  more will be springing up soon.
Despite little details, I would definitely recommend Enigma Rooms based on their puzzles and themes.  Very clever!!  Of course I was glad to see they used some ideas Capture
dLV also uses.  We will keep making sure we bring nothing but the best to our families and friends in the Lehigh Valley.
Istanbul, Bogota, Vegas!! Here we come!! Stay tuned.
Game Design     7/10
Puzzles               7/10
Service                8/10
Room/Theme     9/10
WOW factor       8/10

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