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Communication. Collaboration. Competition. Celebration.

CAPTURED LV provides an excellent opportunity for your corporate group to flex their team building activity muscles in a fun but challenging environment. Whether your team is working together for the first time or have been together for years, escape rooms have a unique way of breaking down barriers, highlighting strengths, and identifying areas for growth, all while everyone is having a blast.

For those looking to learn and grow from your escape room experience, we recommend playing two rooms, with a 90-minute break. During the break, we recommend enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants along Main Street and using our debriefing guide below to get the conversation started. Escape Rooms provide valuable insights on how to get your team working together to unlock everyone’s potential.

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Our restaurant partners offer Captured LV groups (10 players of more) a discount.
Discounts are available on Tuesdays – Fridays.

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Brew Works (10% off food) 

Contact: Megan

McCarthy's Red Stag Pub (10% off food)

The Melting Pot (10% off food)

Apollo Grill (5% off food)

Stations Café (20% off food)

to Do

Plan a day trip with your friends, family, or team to historic downtown Bethlehem or the Tilghman Square in Allentown. We’re located near some A+ attractions.

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8 Fun & Challenging Themed Rooms

An adventure for everyone!  From novice to expert we have a fun and immersive experience for your team. 


Use our handy debriefing guide to unlock your team’s potential post-experience. These questions are sure to be helpful.

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Please note: Captured LV Escape Room does not lock any of the doors and guests can step out and re-enter at any time.  Our rooms are spacious and guests with claustrophobia should not be concerned.  We are always happy to give tours or discuss any concerns in advance.