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The Basement – Las Vegas

Sin City has Escape Rooms too!!!  I had the pleasure of having a trip to the Vegas strip.  I had heard of The Basement in L.A. and that they had just opened one in Vegas.  So, after pulling together a group of seven co-workers, we booked it.  Besides two of us, they were all newbies and didn’t know for what they volunteered.

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It’s located a few minutes from the strip in an isolated area.  More time for beers in the limo!  Once we arrived it took us 15 to get ready and sign up.  It’s a similar set up of what I have seen around, but very well done.  This time we only had 45 minutes to escape.  The game had great decor and clever puzzles.  I would say this is a Generation II room, no high tech, but things like mag locks, secret passages, and a well thought out flow.
I really liked how the clues were given and how it went with the theme.  I thought the room was going to be a bit scary, but it wasn’t at all.  It was intense due to how the clues were given and the room’s decor.  It’s a non linear multi-room game that takes advantage of all spaces.  50% of the clues are very Gen I. 
I’m happy to say we made it out with only 4 seconds left.  This is a room with a 13% success rate so we were very proud of ourselves.  It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it could be due to being in Vegas.
The whole team had a blast and was glad they now knew what an Escape Room was.  I’m also glad we found a good one and will recommended to everyone.  They will be opening the sequel called “The Stay” and I’m curious as to how it would be.
Game Design     9/10
Puzzles               8/10
Service                9/10
Room/Theme     10/10
WOW factor       8/10
the basement escape room

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