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The Egyptian Tomb in PA

inside the tomb escape oom
This time we traveled close.  We had hear good things about escape rooms in King of Prussia.  We chose the Egyptian Tomb for two adults and two kids (12 & 9).
It has a great location, easy access and parking.  We didn’t wait long in their nice waiting area while watching some players come out of their experience.
We were walked into the room and given the rules.  Our time started and off we went. The whole room has a very nice design and construction.  A lot of detail went into the props and ambiance.  It is definitely an immerse experience.  All the puzzle were steered toward different types of brains, which we like.  Some numerical, some are graphics and some are mechanical.  A little bit for everyone.  It’s a very spacious room so I would think 10 people fit without a problem.  We didn’t know how much time we had left and what else we had to do.  After an extremely nice puzzle surprise we found our final puzzles as we were amazed on the immersion level we encounter.  A couple of things were repetitive and slightly out of context but it didn’t opaque the experience.
With our last clue we manage to make it out of the room with seconds left as we tried to understand how we managed to solve such a big room.
Beside a couple of recommendations as far as light and sound, this is a very good room and worth playing.  This is a very American style Escape Room and it shows.  They are very busy and we will try their other rooms.
Game Design     8/10
Puzzles               9/10
Service                8/10
Room/Theme     9/10
WOW factor       8/10
family that just finished an escape room

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