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The Exit Games, Clearwater: Servants of Sleight

Mystifyingly marvelous magic awaits players in the Exit Games Servants of Sleight Escape Game in Clearwater, Florida! Heading into the game, we had high expectations based on enthusiast reviews. Marcelo and I were joined by our two sons and two of their friends. From start to finish this game was simply mesmerizing! From changes in set to adherence to theme, we were fully immersed for our 78 minutes! Every puzzle tied in flawlessly to each stage of the game. Certainly, there were some challenging puzzles and we did need to use one clue, however once we were given our hint, we instantly understood the puzzle. As an enthusiast, Marcelo was in awe of the connections and the design. As novices, our sons and their friends laughed, shook their heads in disbelief, and transformed into magicians themselves on stage throughout the game. There are some AWESOME twists in this adventure that we do not want to give away, but if you are ever in the Tampa / Clearwater area, this game is a MUST!

The Escape Adventures, Orlando:  Bros for Life
Have you ever wanted to pledge a Fraternity?  Well, Bros for Life can give you the experience….minus the hazing!  Marcelo and I played this game with our two teenage sons.  The set design was impeccable.  We started in a courtyard outside the Dean’s Hall.  From the brick walls, to cracked windows, the stage was set!  This game incorporated some novel activities and puzzles.  There were one or two puzzles that required a little bit of an imagination stretch, but we had oodles of fun breaking into the Dean’s office and stealing the Golden Eagle for our Fraternity!  If you are going to Orlando, it is worth it to make the trip to The Escape Adventures.  Along with the Doldrick’s Escapes Rooms in Orlando, Bros for Life is worth your time!
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