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The Gift of Adventure

Humans are evolving. Once we were simple hunters and gatherers fighting off sabertooth koalas and wooly penguins (or, you know, whatever). Then came industrialization, which brought along brother capitalism to instill the materialistic desire for stuff. Lots of stuff— stuff that would “make us happy.” Now, here we stand in the Age of Information where many things have changed. For one, all those predators are now extinct, and two buying “stuff” is becoming something of the past.

Twenty years ago, Christmas meant purchasing a comfy sweater or knick knack for your loved one. Today the hottest item on the holiday wish list is the gift of adventure away from the humdrum of ordinary life. Alongside museum and theme park passes, here are three reasons escape rooms are excellent stocking stuffers.

Memories over Waste — Global waste is expected to increase 70% by 2050. 230 million pounds of trash is produced every year in the United States. These are not holly jolly factoids, but can you imagine how many pounds of that garbage must be forsaken Christmas gifts? If you know someone who isn’t big on material gifts or you don’t want to contribute to the environmental impact of mass gift production, consider the gift of an escape room. Let the euphoria of one of our four unique adventures by soldered into their brain forever. Now that’s smart consumerism!

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Bonding Across the Board — People that scream together stay together. And maybe you won’t be screaming but you sure will be having a ball solving all our peculiar puzzles. Step out of your pedestrian existence into an exhilarating challenge that enhances your group dynamics and promotes cooperation without the sappy frills of family bonding.

Something They Will Use — Don’t you hate it when Aunt Edna asks why you don’t wear that unicorn sweater she got you last Christmas, and the only excuse you have at the moment is that it burnt down, or the neighbors’ echidna got loose? Experiences don’t sit in a closet to get sent to Goodwill two years later. When you gift someone an escape room experience they can have an awesome time and you won’t be contributing to global waste! Everyone happy!

family holding signs together
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