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Santa Inquisicion, Mexico

We made it back to Mexico City and wanted to see our friends at Escape Rooms Mexico – Condesa.  They have a new venue with 3 rooms and working on a 4th.  This time we went with a new theme, the Spanish Inquisition.

As we opned our eyes once inside the room, we were amazed by the quality of the props.  Metal cages, old wooden chairs and stone looking walls surrounded us.  The smell and feel of an old medieval spanish jail brought us back to a time with no rules.  The dark ages filled this room with chains and interesting props.  It has a very linear logic with some side puzzles.  It made you think but it also made you search the room.  I found my team doing a lot of searching in odd places as the first room has a scavenger hunt feel to it.  Once we made it to the next room, the puzzles got more interesting.  it uses a lot of locks as expected in the dark ages but with combination, nevertheless they didn’t played down the room.  Some of the puzzles didn’t fit the theme but the props made up for it.

We rushed trying to find our last clues as we were told the success rate was around 10%.  I was lucky to have a couple of smart kids with me that ended up being extremely helpful.  I was impressed with how they managed to find some answers.   Running from side to side trying to figure things out we ended up using our last clue.  As I mentioned the kids were smart and managed to skip a couple of puzzles and made it out with aa few minutes to spare.

The overall experience was very good.  The room’s theme was strong despite having a couple of puzzles out of context.  The story line had a good base and the puzzle did relate for the most part.  This is a must do for a market that’s beginning to venture into Escape Rooms.

We enjoyed playing the game and will look for other games here if we come back to Mexico City.

Game Design     7/10

Puzzles               8/10

Service                10/10

Room/Theme     9/10

WOW factor       9/10

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